The Best Guide to Paris

Hi, I'm Jay! I put a decade into distilling which bars, restaurants, and experiences are worth it.

Jay and his friend Jennica celebrating on the terrace of le Tambour in the second arrondissementJay and his friend Jennica celebrating on the terrace of le Tambour in the second arrondissement

"I picked up several guides on Paris over the last couple of months... Yours, 'Paris In My Pocket' is the best! I don't even look at the others anymore."

- James Christopher Knight

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If my guide doesn’t help you make the best trip possible, let us know and it’s your money back.

The Eiffel Tower as seen down a long street in the 7ème arrondissement, its home district
The view of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the stairs next to Palais de Tokyo
Jean Yves le Chef talking about his passion for food in his atelier Frenchy Taste
Sacre Coeur on a bright sunny day, sitting on the hill above some admiring tourists and the carousel to their left.
The Arc de Triomphe at winter dusk, streetlights on, trees bare of leaves.

Paris off the Beaten Path

My guide to Paris has 350+ recommendations of the bars, restaurants, sites, and experiences all over Paris that I genuinely love. Carry a decade of on-the-ground, Parisian knowledge in your pocket with my guide to Paris.

Cover from Jay Swanson's Paris in my Pocket 2023

Tips & Local Tricks

Whether you want to skip lines or get a SIM card, we’ve got a wealth of local information sourced from years of experience.

The 1st Arrondissement of Paris first page in Jay Swanson's Paris in my Pocket guide

Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Recommendations for food, drinks, views, and more - all broken down by Parisian Arrondissement (district).

Where should I stay in Paris? The first page on that section from Jay's guide

Avoid Scams, Know where to Stay

If you’ve never been to Paris before, we’d recommend staying central. Our specific recommendations are laid out by your preferences.

Ten years of local experience, hundreds of recommendations, and thousands of satisfied customers. And it's getting better all the time.

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The best guide to Paris

With Jay Swanson's Paris in my Pocket, you know exactly where to go, which restaurants are worth it, and where the truly friendly bars are at. Get a decade of local, on the ground experience in the palm of your hand and have the best time in Paris. Don't believe me? Just look what my customers have said over the years:

Tourists with umbrellas looking at the Pyramids of the Louvre on a rainy day.Tourists with umbrellas looking at the Pyramids of the Louvre on a rainy day.

Don’t Let Paris Spoil Paris

I know Paris and Parisians don’t always have the best reputation, but I think that’s just because people often start off on the wrong foot in the wrong place. There are so many phenomenal sites to visit, restaurants to try, and bars to drink at all across the city - my goal is to help you find as many as you like and have the best trip to Paris possible. Right from the start. And believe it or not, with just a few phrases and a bit of cultural awareness up your sleeve, Parisians can be downright delightful.

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Enjoy getting off the beaten path? Exploring food-first? My guide will ensure you have the best time in Paris, guaranteed.

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